Posted by: Mm | February 3, 2008

Brdavs will be kept out – Eurosis of the Slovenian presidency

The all-embracing neurosis of Slovenian presidency of the EU reminded me of an interesting book by Mitja Velikonja, “Eurosis – A Critique of the New Eurocentrism” (2005), which analyses the types and functioning of the new discourse of Europeanism as it culminated at the time of Slovenian entry into the EU and spices it up with admirably amusing examples that illustrate the choice of the title.

in 2008 we can only agree on the term. Eurosis it surely is, and one could even argue that there are traces of some more serious diagnoses. Just check out the unbelievable imagery of the official Government portal for children and youth.

slo for youth

The giant with a club in the background is Martin Krpan, the protagonist of Fran Levstik‘s (1831-1887) story about an amazingly strong salt-smuggler who goes to Vienna and protects Viennese court from the uncivilised brute Brdavs (i. e. the Turkish invasion, cf. Baskar, 2000). The underlying symbolism of the choice of the imagery – two children accompanied by Martin Krpan staring into the EU sky – is quite obvious. Slovenia – a childish hero – will help European powers to keep the uncivilised Turks out of EU. Intercultural dialogue is, after all, one of the priorities of Slovenian EU presidency.


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